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Posted by Heidi Kjeldsen on Friday, 21 February 2014 in Latest Posts

Here is the showroom in Oakham - they do say the best things come in small packages!



The first time I created a piece of jewellery which someone wanted to own was a turning point in my life.  I realised I could produce objects of beauty and value with my own hands.  Where had this hidden talent come from?


You can see me at work here



Whilst I had formerly struggled to be good at art, I now believe that we all have an innate ability to create, or at least appreciate, something unusual or beautiful.  My creative side did not appear until later on in life, partially because the opportunities did not present themselves, and also I lacked the inspiration to seek them out.  There was too much emphasis on achieving academically, with artistic ability scoring low.  Strangely everything that I have done in the past equipped me to run my own business, as if this was the masterplan.  


Read more about my personal journey here


There are so many different aspects from which one can take inspiration - from painting to cake decorating, sewing to gardening – how can one life fit so much in?  This is where discernment comes into play.  The targets which give me the most satisfaction, and which I seem to succeed at, are the ones that I try to focus on.  I believe that there will be time later to try new adventures, at least I hope so...

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Angela James Friday, 21 February 2014

Your wonderful artistry is evident in every piece of jewellery you create....beautiful.

Heidi Kjeldsen
Heidi Kjeldsen Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Thank you Angela, your comments give me encouragement. Much appreciated.

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Guest Wednesday, 10 February 2016