The new exhilarating jewellery collection. Discover breathtaking jewellery inspired by the beauty of the Northern lights and lands.

A collection of desirable and contemporary gemrock jewellery. Due to the nature of the stones each one is unique however Heidi can source similar pieces in the same type of stones.

Bespoke jewellery maker in the heart of Rutland

Bespoke jewellery maker, Heidi Kjeldsen, welcomes you to a world of mesmerising jewellery and exclusive collections you’ll simply adore. Where the best diamonds, exquisite gemstones, and premium pearls have been set in timeless designs for over 20 years.

Experience contemporary chic for everyday living, elegant classic jewellery dazzling with splendour, or commission one-of-a-kind gifts for that special person, playing a part in the design process. Whether you buy jewellery with confidence online or visit our Oakham showroom in the heart of Rutland, you’ll discover an array of truly beautiful jewels handcrafted to perfection with love.

From exquisitely elegant Diamond, Pearl and gemstone designs to contemporary Murano glass jewellery, every piece is lovingly created to perfection. Classical in style but with a modern twist, Heidi’s bespoke jewellery designs appeal to every generation. Breathtaking jewels start love stories, create memories and connect generations. That’s why, as a fine jeweller and bespoke jewellery maker, we don’t just flawlessly craft designs – we bring your dreams to life.

Each specially commissioned piece of Heidi Kjeldsen jewellery is available with your chosen size, cut, grade and colour of sparkling diamond or precious gemstone, or choose from a supreme range of exquisitely beautiful Pearls – all selected for their inimitable and unrivalled beauty and tailored to suit your individuality, your style, occasion and desired expenditure.

We can also tailor your jewellery further still. Whether it be a stone type which exhibits certain qualities such as the deepest red Ruby, an Emerald with the fewest natural flaws or you require a stone of unusual rarity, we have fostered long standing connections with reputed stone merchants over many years and can give exclusive access to extremely high quality stones to discerning interested clients.

Heidi Kjeldsen is also a member of the National Association of Jewellers, the British Gemmological Association, the British Society of Jewellers and the British Pearl Association.

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