For my March blog I would like to share with you information about my exciting new in house service entitled CAD (Computer Aided Design), through which I can create any item of jewellery – rings, bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, necklaces, earrings etc.


Above is a finished piece created using the CAD system

(click to view extensive range of rings).

This computerised system allows me to design completely bespoke jewellery in our own CAD Studio in Oakham, which really helps you (my valued customers) visualise your finished article before it is manufactured in our workshops.  It also alleviates any anxiety that you may have about not seeing the finished product until it arrives back from our Goldsmiths.


An initial drawing of the piece created in CAD.

CAD allows me to work with you all the way through the creative process. You may possess certain items of jewellery which you do not wear and I can reset the gemstones from these existing pieces into a new setting, thus maintaining the value of your original jewellery, whilst adding more value by creating a new piece which you will wear and love.

Alternatively you can choose a design from my collection of Unique & Fine Gemstones, or I can source the gemstones you would like, and then we will design a piece of jewellery tailored specifically for you.  The bespoke nature of the process means that the stones will fit perfectly within the piece, and will not be restricted to factory mounts.

You may approach me with an image of a piece, choose an item from our showcase portfolio, or even select something from the shop which you would like created in a slightly different way.

CAD also allows me to show you the different options such as different settings and stones; the design possibilities are endless and may be tailored to suit your budget.  You will be able to view my jewellery design in a 3 dimensional “rendered image” which is much like a photograph of the final piece, allowing any alterations to be made at this stage.


A final render of the piece before it is created.

As you may appreciate although the rendered image is extremely lifelike it is less refined than the final polished piece, as it is a little like an architect’s drawing which requires a craftsman’s skills to bring it to life and finish it to perfection.

Once you are fully satisfied with my design the chosen render is ready to be created in reality via a 3D printer before being manufactured using precious metals.  All of my bespoke jewellery is hallmarked with my HK mark at the Assay office before the gemstones are set, and the whole piece lovingly polished and finished ready for you to wear and enjoy.

In addition each bespoke piece will be accompanied by a Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd Valuation Certificate for your insurers, as well as a Lifetime Cleaning & Checking service, all included free of charge within our bespoke service.

Call me on 01572 722666 or pop in to our Mill Street, Oakham shop to discuss your bespoke project.

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