I have been creating bespoke jewellery in Rutland for 17 years now, with more years previously spent in the Jewellery business in London, and the passion I have always had for jewellery and my business has never diminished.

before-after-gold-braceletI think a lot of that is to do with how hands on I have remained in every facet of running Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd. From creating jewellery through to seeing many Clients in my showroom and experiencing how presenting a completed piece of jewellery often delights and surprises.

For me developing new design ideas which challenge the boundaries whilst aiming for jewellery pieces that retain a timeless quality, together with the process of jewellery creation, is where my true love affair with gemstones and jewellery resides.

The quiet solitude of the workshop is still a real draw for me, not out of necessity but out of a desire to create.

It is fair to say that you never stop learning and after many years I am still excited when I am able to use a new technique or learn other skills which help with my creative processes.

On a frequent basis I am asked to create extremely personal pieces of jewellery and in previous blogs I have spoken about working with Clients closely to achieve their ideal outcome. I am immensely enabled in this bespoke design process using my CAD (Computer Aided Design) system; the benefits of which are huge to my creativity. CAD also allows me to show Clients how a jewellery design will appear in photographic 3-Dimensional quality, enabling any tweaks to the design with the Client’s input, prior to the manufacturing and gemstone setting process.

I am also very often tasked by my Clients to create new vibrant jewellery pieces using both gemstones and the gold from old pieces that they have inherited or no longer wear. We are able to melt down the gold, make a new setting for the gemstones using CAD, and present a piece or pieces which the Client is invariably thrilled to possess.  We have many Clients who have benefited from this design and manufacturing service, which can be a very cost-effective way of revitalising the contents of their jewellery box!

CAD-dec2015You may well have seen that in more recent years I have worked with glass to create delicate looking jewellery which has a fresh Spring and Summer zest.  There are many intricate processes involved with glass manipulation to achieve beautiful pieces using raw rods of Murano Glass. You are most welcome to view my collections of glass jewellery in the showroom at Mill Street, Oakham, at any time.
Whilst I always have a varied collection of unique jewellery on display at my showroom, it really is the satisfaction I glean from giving jewellery the personal touch and seeing happy Clients that keeps my business thriving. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all and to wish both you and your families a peaceful Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year; I hope to see you again soon in 2016.