Handmade Jewellery Made to Order
Ring being made
completed gold ring

The Rebirth of Beauty…

The handmade jewellery we create at Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellers is unique, as no two high quality gemstones are identical. However, it is possible for us to recreate a design so please do browse Heidi’s jewellery gallery.

Perfection takes a little time, from the careful sourcing of high quality, ethically sourced gemstones, to the intricate design process of creating your finished piece of exquisite jewellery. The whole process may take several months, but it is always well worth the wait.

Something Unique…

If you are looking for a piece of bespoke jewellery which carries a unique stamp of style… something a little different, then Heidi’s CAD  (Computer Aided Design) route may be for you. The process involves liaison with you at key decision making points, which will mould the final piece of jewellery. Heidi creates jewellery design concepts and  fully rendered CAD designs with photographic quality, which are very much like the finished article.

Beautiful bespoke handmade jewellery
A recent bespoke ring commission

Bespoke Jewellery Commissions

This stunning ring is an example of a special commission by Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd.  The client played an integral part in the design process, with their wishes adhered to from start to finish.

It is fair to say that they were absolutely delighted with the results. Heidi is proud to show you the results, and the high standards to which she works.