Discover the true value of your fine jewellery – January 29th 2020

Independent Registered National Association of Jewellers Valuers will expertly document your jewellery’s
exact worth for a fee commensurate with the expertise with which your item will be assessed, leaving you in
a secure position with your insurers going forward.

The importance of jewellery valuations

None of us can predict the future, so it’s wise to protect one’s assets and ensure that Heritage items are preserved for future generations. It is usual for Jewellery pieces to be insured under your Household Insurance and covered for loss or damage, including all Gemstones or Diamonds. Separate Insurance may be required depending on the Replacement Value of your items.

If you have Jewellery which is antique or simply requires valuing for insurance protection, property division, probate matters or private sales, we can expertly document your jewellery’s exact worth. An Independent Registered Valuation from the NAJ (National Association of Jewellers) is required today by most insurers. Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd’s Independent Registered Valuer (IRV) is a Fellow of the NAJ and highly regarded within the Jewellery Industry. There is a fee payable, commensurate with the expertise of our valuer and with the value of your jewellery. Premium items will attract a higher charge which you will be informed of at the time of Valuation. Having up to date Valuation documents will leave you in a secure position with your insurers going forward.

Heidi says “Too often I see clients with insufficient cover, the wrong basis of Valuation for replacement or even outdated erroneous documentation which causes them to be underinsured, in some cases therefore uninsured and they lose everything. Clients have in the past been persuaded to replace their valuable bespoke Jewellery with non-bespoke, mass produced items which are substandard in comparison with their original jewels or even second hand with no guarantee of provenance or quality and given the number of unethical treatments to Gemstones and Diamonds today, it can be a real minefield.”

Jewellery valuations at Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellers in Oakham

Handmade Ruby & Diamond Ring Is Valued

At Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd:

Your Jewellery is safely assessed in our Oakham showroom. It is checked, cleaned and we issue you with a Service Booklet to record this event so that you are reminded to maintain and look after your jewellery regularly.  If repairs are necessary we can advise you what repairs are necessary so that your jewellery will last and be able to be handed down to the next generation.

 Every NAJ Jewellery Valuation includes a beautifully presented Portfolio, complete with full description, appropriate replacement value and digital photographic images.

Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd suggests that you approach their own insurer T.H. March, who are experts in the area of Jewellery Insurance and who offer a very comprehensive service. They will gladly estimate for your personal Jewellery cover and this can often be a satisfactory solution when your Home Contents Insurance is being adversely affected by high cover for valuable items of Jewellery. Please quote the reference AH706T in all communications with T.H. March and they will ensure your Jewellery is replaced by Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd with ease.

 With the price of high grade Gemstones, Diamonds and Precious Metals increasing, it makes sense to have up to date valuations to recoup your Jewellery’s worth should the worst happen. 

To have your jewellery expertly appraised, Contact Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd to arrange.


Please bring up to three pieces for valuation to your appointment along with any paperwork regarding your jewellery as this adds provenance and is important. If you have more pieces you wish to be valued, these can be brought along before the day and left with us. We will notify you as soon as they have been valued, documented and are ready for collection. There will be a £50.00 fee for each item valued unless it is a premium piece and you will be quoted for the fee.

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