Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd is able to recycle your old Gold and gemstone jewellery to create spectacular new and contemporary pieces to suit your unique style. This means that jewellery which you no longer wear can be transformed into captivating, exclusive new pieces which you can fall in love with all over again.

See your ideas come to life

Recycling your old jewellery is a fabulous way of creating a bespoke piece which you will treasure forever.

There are many benefits to this process, from both ethical and environmental, through to the aesthetic and sentimental side where once-loved jewellery which has become worn or damaged can be reworked into a more up to date piece to your exacting style. Additionally, you can become very involved with how you would like your new piece to look, with Heidi able to generate lifelike images using her state of the art in-house CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) technology. This allows you to view possible designs in 3-Dimensional photographic quality before settling on the design and appearance of your desired piece of jewellery.

How Heidi can use your old gold

In the photographs you can see that Heidi Kjeldsen can use the refined Gold from customers’ original rings and incorporate that same gold into new bespoke pieces. Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd can use any gemstones which are of sentimental value to you and also incorporate them into your new design. Often, multiple jewels may be combined into a single piece, such as a “Bubble Ring”, or a pair of sumptuous earrings where Diamonds or gemstones of all sizes and shapes may be included to give a fashionable, contemporary look. The possibilities are numerous, with Heidi and her team ready and happy to advise you.

Make your jewellery even more special

You can recycle your broken Gold chains, odd earrings and any other pieces of jewellery which are past their prime and make something highly desirable.  Gold starts out naturally as yellow Gold and it is the presence of white metal alloys which changes the colour to white so don’t be afraid to mix metals. Your recycled Gold goes through various processes including melting and refining resulting in Fine Gold, which is 99% pure and looks like the Gold grains you can see in the photograph. It is then alloyed to 9ct or 18ct Gold ready to be used in your new design.
If you do not have enough Gold from your old jewellery to complete the new desired jewel Heidi will estimate to supply additional Gold to create your final bespoke piece.
Finishing touches to make your new jewellery even more special may be added; a poignant engraving to the inside of a ring, or initials on a pendant.
Whether you wish to create a stylish yet timeless Gold bangle, or to explore the possibilities of more complex gemstone set pieces, you will be surprised at what can be achieved.

If you would like to see what new designs might be possible for you please feel free to call in to the Heidi Kjeldsen Ltd showroom in Mill Street, Oakham where we will be happy to advise and show you a large variety of fine jewellery for inspiration.