Beautiful Ruby and Diamond Wave Ring

From - £2,300.00

Beautiful Rubies (approx. 0.25cts) and Diamonds H/SI (approx. 0.15cts) are set in an exquisite wave pattern making this unique and very pretty eternity or dress ring. All made in 18ct yellow Gold, the ring weighs approx. 2.9g

This can be made using higher grade diamonds and gemstones, please discuss your requirements with Heidi.
Because every precious gemstone is unique, prices will vary. These are naturally occurring stones and price is based on many factors including but not limited to: quality, colour, clarity, carat weight, cut and availability. Additional qualities and carat weights are also an option. Heidi Kjeldsen Fine Jewellers adhere to a strict set of quality and standards for all gemstones used in our pieces of fine jewellery. We will be pleased to work within your budget and advise accordingly.

CODE: R1165
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