Heidi’s mission and goals

Heidi Kjeldsen Limited is proud to support a variety of organisations, including the Royal British Legion and Finish Line Racing (an all-women cycling team). We also operate with a clear commitment to treading lightly on the planet and are committed to finding new ways to work more sustainably. 


The women’s national cycling team, Finish Line Racing, is sponsored by Heidi Kjeldsen for a second year.

“As a woman in business, I know some of the challenges which face women today, and as such am happy to support others in their endeavours to become the best that they can be”. 

This year has started with a bang!  The team have already had podium places and are working so well together.  We look forward to seeing them on June the 19th in the Women’s 6th CiCle Classic, in Rutland.


Heidi and her colleague Sara have raised money for The Royal British Legion; with Sara running the London marathon four times, in recent years, and by participating in various knitting projects for Remembrance Day, Easter and Christmas, to raise funds for the charity. 

Parkinson’s UK is Heidi’s chosen charity for customer donations, including any money that is donated towards her jewellery cleaning services.

Supporting Local Projects

Heidi Kjeldsen is committed to supporting the local community and local charities. Heidi champions worthy causes such as Rainbows, Compassion and the Mindfulness Garden at Oakham Fire Station, as well as others.

Becoming a greener business

We recycle our customers’ Gold, upon request, into bangles and other pieces of jewellery, and wherever possible we recommend recycling jewellery or upcycling it, thereby enhancing its value and desirability for future generations to come. Customers commissioning a bespoke piece of Heidi Kjeldsen Jewellery are asked to consider recycling their existing pieces as part of the process.

We offer the use of Fair-Trade Gold, which may be more costly, but is increasingly popular especially with our custom-made wedding bands or memorial rings.

Heidi Kjeldsen Limited only uses Gemstone and Diamond dealers who are highly regarded and trusted within the Jewellery trade.  The care of the miners, cutters, customers and all their associated staff are paramount to Heidi Kjeldsen Limited.  Please refer to our Terms of Sale, specifically point 10 for further details: Terms of Sale and Supply – Heidi Kjeldsen

Heidi Kjeldsen Limited uses recyclable and reusable packaging. We seek to avoid or minimise the use of materials that generate waste by using the principles of Reduce, Recover, Reuse and Recycle, and we operate stringent recycling procedures for the waste we produce. We recycle product in our workshop, and dispose of hazard chemicals appropriately. Only LED lighting is used inside our showroom.