A well loved diamond ring which needs repairing by Heidi

At Heidi Kjeldsen we are often asked to repair treasured pieces of jewellery and make them look as new. This month among others we have been asked to repair a beautiful diamond ring which had become worn over time and suffered a break at a weak point in the shank of the ring. 

There was a marked indent where the ring had sat lovingly against a wedding ring for many years and the setting had become tarnished and dull.

So here is how we went about transforming this well loved ring back into something beautiful and wearable once more.

The shank is cut away from the ring to be repaired


First the original shank was removed


The shaft of the gold ring is placed into a small groove in a heat resistant charcoal block


The pieces were then placed on a charcoal heat resistant block with a small groove ready to receive the molten metal once heated.


A ball of 18ct gold is added to the groove on the heat resistant charcoal block


A ball of 18ct gold was added to the groove along with the original pieces.


the original ring gold and a new ball of 18ct gold are heated together


All the gold was then heated until molten.


The molten 18ct gold glows starts to cool down


The gold glowed and melted down


Solid 18ct gold bar after the original ring material is melted down


The result – a solid bar of 18ct gold


New 18ct gold ring shaft is milled to required length


The bar was milled to length


New ring shank hand forged to shape


Then the shank hand forged to shape


New shank ready to be joined to existing stone setting


The shank  then fitted exactly to the setting


Ring refurbishment - new shank soldered to existing stone setting


Once the shank and the original ring were soldered , the shank, being slightly bigger required filing and polishing to achieve a seamless join and a perfect finish.


Ring refurbishment - almost a perfect fit


Almost a perfect fit


Ring refurbishment - hard edges will be buffed and polished


Perfect fit!


Diamond ring refurbishment - before polishing


The sharp edges were buffed and the whole surface then polished.


Diamond ring refurbishment


Once polished up it began to look like a new ring again.


The ring after polishing


All polished, refurbished – almost ready


The ring after polishing


The finished piece.


The finished ring ready for the client


Ready for the client, who was delighted with the results.


If you have a treasured piece of jewellery which has seen better days then visit us at our Mill Street, Oakham showroom.