Rubies are ‘the King of the precious stones’

Rubies are amongst some of the most prized gemstones, the unmatched deep red tones of the Ruby capture our most intense emotions. The fiery nature of this birthstone of July is associated with love and anger, passion and fury.

Historically Rubies are one of the most significant coloured gemstones. The Ruby became known in the ancient language of Sanskrit as the “King of precious stones” and subsequently in the Bible for its attributes of beauty and wisdom.

Rubies and their definitive beauty have been treasured by early cultures for their similarity to the redness of blood, believing Rubies held the very power of life. Awarded the host of legends over the centuries, the Ruby has become a symbol of power. Used by warriors in Burma, the Ruby was possessed to make warriors invincible in battle.

As one of the most sought-after gemstones of European royalty and nobility, the Ruby has retained its importance in the Western World. Medieval Europeans wore Rubies to guarantee health, wealth, success in love and wisdom. Distinct by its striking red colour and spiritual importance, the Ruby remains timeless in its dazzling beauty. The desire for the striking red beauty of Rubies is as great today as it has always been. Rubies, are a symbol of both passion and love; the Ruby makes an ideal romantic gift. Radiating warmth and beauty, Rubies captivate one and all by their rich colour; signifying both wealth and success they are popular gifts of a July birthstone, 40th wedding anniversary and engagement or eternity ring. 

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